Here’s how we created PurpleMarker and how you can too

  1. Learn from our mistakes by following the instructions below
  2. Install Drupal 7 via easiest method available, i.e. Softaculous
    1. Mind Drupal’s helpful warnings to stop from leaving open security holes
  3. Install CiviCRM module in Drupal
    1. create a separate database for CiviCRM specific data.
    2. install dependencies as necessary: Chaos Tools, Views
  4. Install Sunlight integration (Drupal module)
    2. apply for Sunlight Foundation API key
  5. Enable lookup of CiviCRM contacts by Congressional District
  6. Enable CiviCRM Mapping and Geocoding
  7. Import your Contacts
  8. Familiarize yourself with the immense capabilities of CiviCRM